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The CP Sharing Circle

Getting Through Another Day

Cerebral Palsy Sharing Circle
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This commnunity is for anyone who has cerebral palsy (and its related peoblems) to post whatever they want. Share your feelings, positive or negative. Share your random pet peeves, poetry, art, anything that allows you to cop with the day-today stresses of a disability that drives you crazy, even if it happens to make you stronger.

This is a place you can feel safe in sharing all of the things that make you angry, sad, infuriated...or anything that mere words can't even seem to describe. There are no judgements. We are all in the same boat, and my goal in starting this community is to create a space that's about our disabilites and our abilities. I want to create a community that knows each other, supports each other, give each other a push or a hug when necessary. Where it goes from here I am not sure, but I look forward to finding out.

Share regular entries, photos, art, poetry, fiction, whatever you like. If it helps you cope, or got a reaction out of you relevant to the community , this is the place for them. Same goes for links to articles or web pages of interest. Knowledge is power, so let's give ourselves as much as possible.

This community is also a place for those with the common bond of CP to meet, and perhaps meet in real life. It helps sometimes to talk to someone who understand, offline. So I encourage networking, and hope to one day arrange a Calgary coffee get together.

Cerebral Palsy Sharing Circle is not just for those with CP. Feel free to join if someone you love is affected by it, or you want to know more. BE WARNED HOWEVER !!! I am trying to create a SAFE SPACE, not somewhere academics can go trolling for research subjects. There are other communities for that.

No subjects are off limits, but please be considerate. If you are going to post something very long, or that might upset someone, please use an lj cut. If don't know how, ask.
Everyone needs to respect everyone else here for this community to work, so please be mindful of that. I don't want to have to screen posts, but if that's what it takes for people to feel safe then I will.

This community was created and is maintained by xanateria. DISRESPECT OR PERSONAL ATTACKS OF ANY KIND WILL NOT BE TOERATED. This is the only warning you will get.