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Spasticity Issues/Medical Marijuana

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Believe it or not, the two topics are related.

I get 'the shakes' in my legs. Sometimes, it gets painful. Other times, I end up with my legs and feet pointing every which way but the way they're supposed to. And this consistently hurts, the muscles spasm and cramp up, leading to a cascade of 'stuck' muscles from my toes up through my back and belly.


I currently smoke marijuana -- only when the cramps/spasms are at their worst -- and find it to be highly effective. Muscles relax, legs settle down, general tension goes away, and I feel... good. Wonderful, even. And the only side effect is the Raving Munchies, which - in my world - is never a bad thing.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with weed, or direct me to resources for obtaining medical marijuana in Washington State? [Funny stoner stories are always entertaining, as well. ^.^ ]

Bright Blessings

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