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Crutches and stairs: a question from a husband

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Hi all --

My wife (who has CP) is applying to grad schools and we've been doing a road trip to check out some campuses. Her favorite programs, ironically, are in the least accessible buildings.

Is anyone using a strap, holster, etc. to hold crutches while climbing stairs? She'd prefer to adapt to the campus rather than pursue ADA action. I've imagined using something like a loop of Velcro hanging off her belt, but surely I'm not the first person to try to find a solution.

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On October 12th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC), meowgurlgv commented:
hmmm interesting concept. I don't use crutches myself but i would imagine a loop on her backpack might work better. Something on my belt loops would throw me really off balance.
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