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A bit of humour to get things going....

You Might Be A Handicapped Redneck If...

* Any part of your wheelchair is painted cameo.
* You have a wheelchair up on blocks in your front yard.
* You rigged up a beer cooler powered off your chair batteries.
* You wear cowboy, biker, or work boots, even though they're hard to put on and you can't walk anyway.
* You adjusted your headrest so it'll stop knocking off your hat.
* You installed a gun rack on the back of your wheelchair.
* Your joystick [which does not live up to its name] is a billiard ball, car stick shift knob, beer. tap, or similar item.
* You ever thought about jacking your chair up 2 or 3 feet.
* You have knobby mud tires - that never get dirty.
* You installed a sound system so your chair will sound like a truck or hog.
* You installed a whip antenna just so you could fly the stars and bars!
* There is a 'Harley' decal or emblem permanently attached to your chair.
* You installed a CB behind or under your chair.
* You replaced your seat with a Barco Lounger.
* You found the above BarcoLounger at the side of the road.
* You named your chair 'Bubba', 'Junior', 'Daisy', or 'Killer'.
* There is some part of a deer decorating any part of your chair.
* You have ever thought about smuggling moonshine in the tubing or battery compartment of the chair.
* You, while in your wheelchair, ever made any roadkill.
* The accessories hangin' on the chair weigh more than 1/3 what your w/c does.
* You browse truck catalogs looking for ways to soup up your wheelchair.
* You want to add a side-car or a 'sweet little trailer'.
* You wear a 4 pound belt buckle that cuts into your stomach as you sit.
* The fringe of your jacket or strings of your bolo tie have ever gotten caught in your wheels - but you wear it anyway.
* You regularly call up Harley Davidson and ask when they're going to start making wheelchairs.
* You have spent more than an hour trying to figure out how to hang fuzzy dice from your chair.
* Duct tape plays a major role in your repair and maintenance plan.
* You read this list and found yourself thinking, at any point, "Now that's a good idea!"
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Just wanted to say that I am still alive and hoping to keep this comm alive. Life was super busy and then I was really sick...but I'm back and raring to go :)

How's everyone else doing?


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How is everybody doing today? I sure hope all is well for every one. I use to be a past member of Live Journal but it has been a very long time. In the past I met some very nice people but it is sad to say that I lost contact with most of the friends that I had made due to the fact that I had to sale my computer for reasons beyound my control. I must be honest and admit that right now I am not online as much as I would like be because I am not on my own computer as of yet but, I that will change soon!

I am 30 year old female with disability known as Spactic Quadripleagia Cerebral Palsy and I really enjoy meeting other people with disabilities. It has been my experience that most individuals with disabilities tend to stay to themselves and as result we don't many friends.

It is my hope that by reconecting with Live Journal again that I will reconect with my old friends as well make new one.


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Im Rosie,Im 21 and I live in the UK.I have right hemiplegic CP and thought I would post here seeing as you guys probably know exactlt how im feeling.  I like who I am gnerally, and cant understand why others wont accept me when i cant see a problem with me. Sometimes my Mum sometimes hasnt got clue. she thinks she understands my reasoning why i feel awkward doing some things(like dancing at afriends wedding recently: and even though I know people cant tell theres anything wrong it still feels lilke they'll be staring at me) but truly I dont think she is able to understand this, not why I feel awkward about dancing in front of people i dont know.Usually i dont give a damn what people think but its becaucause Im aware myhips movement and that are a bit crap and off-line anyway, sorry this was meant to nbe a "introduce me" post byut kinbda turned out to be a mini rant..

just wondered if any ofyou's have had instances like this. I feel as though Im looking to see if any others have had experiences similiar or feel their parents dont really have a clue. anyways, enough of me

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Hi, my name is Amy and I have CP. I've called every organization I can find and I've come up with nothing. In two years, I will be a teacher after I finish college. I would love to be out of my parents house and be living with a personal assistant. However, I have been told by many different organizations that my income will be too high and that I should work at Walmart or Target in order to get state assistance. I live in Florida. Can anyone help?
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I just joined this community, so i figure id better introduce myself.

My name is Sharyn and im 19 (almost 20 *gasps*). I live in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. At the moment im a second year student at uni studying Human Services. Also, im looking for a paying job on top of my volunteer jobs.

So thats me, feel free to look at my lj and comment/ add me if you wish :)

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Just a note to welcome our new members, and to apologize for slacking in promoting the community and posting/replying to comments. As you can probably tell by the previous post, it's been rough healthwise. But I will try to keep up.

As a posting topic, I would like it if everyone could post a joke. No it doesn't have to be disability related. Bonus points if it is. No you don't have too. But it will be fun, and we can get to know each others sense' of humour.

Don't worry about PC but please think before posting anything truely offensive. I will post mine in the morning, as my meds need to kick in so I can sleep, recharge my brain and think.

Be well all...

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 No one looking in can see it.
And you have to be ever so careful not to show it to anyone on the out.
No one can know.  If they do...
Well it's best they don't.
Mask over layer over mask to hide it.
To keep everyone else comfortable.
To maintain the illusion.
Pretend. Maintain.
If they don't see it, it's not real.
If they don't think it's real, maybe it's not.
Then there's a chance that someday, sometime, it will stop.
Stop.  No.  Don't even let yourself hope for such things.
It has you.  It will keep you.
But you don't have to let it win.
That's what happens if anyone knows.
You didn't know?
Oh yes, it's true.
They won't see you at all.
They'll tell you you're pretending.  For attention.  For a phase.
Or worse, they'll believe you, and change the way they treat you.
You can drown in that much pity.
You can choke on attempted understanding.
Good intention do pave the way to hell for a reason.
And so it's best that you not let it out.
Not now, not later, no such thing as a good time.
Someone could see, and then there would have to be explanations.
And then you have to ease their guilt and make them comfortable, leaving you no strength for yourself.
But when you cannot help it. 
When it builds to a point where it is all you can feel,
Lashes at your strength and tears at what's left of your heart, let it go.
Don't give in.
Don't give up.
But let the pain go.
A body can only hold so much.
And if you cannot let it go, if it will not be gone, teach yourself to ignore it.
For most, the agony is too great to do this for more than moments.
But stolen moments can get you through the longest hours.
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From a Site Titled How to Kill A sick Friend...

Even when you try, things don't always work out ....

What if they say no, they can't do whatever. Let's say you asked them to lunch, or for coffee. The person says they are not up to it now. Think about making a contact possible - on their terms. What if you brought over some treat, stayed for a short time, and gave a rain check for an outing for a week later. Maybe they are not able to "entertain" and they feel pressure to entertain people that come over. Can you think of a way to visit and be the entertainment so they don't need to. Can you stop by with some food that can be warmed up later for their dinner, not stay long, and then call them later in the week.

What if they say yes and cancel at the last minute. This is common with chronic illnesses that ebb and flow, like Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, for example. The person really wanted to go, gets psyched up for it, and when the day comes there is physically no way they can go. They feel bad for disappointing you, and they are disappointed in themselves. They can't control their bodies, and that is frightening.

What can I do for anyone? Next time you head out to the grocery, try calling your pal and asking if they need a few things, then get them.


1.Make the call

2.Keep calling

3.Keep asking

4.Keep contact

5.Don't give up

6.Don't give up

7.Don't give up
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On a date tonight and on the way out of the restaurant I fell on my face. I HATE that. The floor was wet and there was no sign, I was on crutches that need new tips anyway. and so I just fell. My date was in front of me and yelled "oh shit" when he saw me. He helped me up and I had all these waitresses FREAKING out when it was obvious I was fine.

God fallin on dates is the worst! Still ended in a kiss though.

Anyone else have a falling on a date story?

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