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I am interested in started a zine called ' Our manifesto'. The zine will be an empowering forum where women with disabilities can discuss issues relating to our lives - such as sex, image, motherhood, sexuality, education;etc. and protest agaisnt oppressive societal norms relating to the issue. I use the term 'disability' as an all inclusive term - meaning, (but not limited to) physical, mental, and emotional disability; learning disabilitys; mental illness; etc.The zine will be creative in nature, accepting art, collages, photography, poetry, prose, fiction, etc.Would anyone like to help with the management, etc. of the zine? (I have never put one together before. Looking forward to feedback
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So, I am traveling to Hong Kong for a few days. Just me my AB boyfriend and my CP with my drunken looking gate. So has anyone traveled to Hong Kong as American with a disability? What do you recommend? What can I expect? My BF wants to do a walking tour of main-land China. Could I have the walking be optional and use a chair? I don’t want to hold people up in the walking tour.

Thanks for the help in advance!!

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Hey I'm Min I'm 24 I have cerebral palsy I also have reigers syndrome I have a baclofen pump I got it Jan 07 it has helped me. I'm dating a guy who has cp too if you want to be added comment me I don't mind new friends.
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Apologies to those who get this more than once...but I just had to share...

I know this community has been pretty dead lately, and I apologize for that.  I will be working to revive it in the coming days.  And now, on with the news.

Wednesday morning I had my first round of Botox injections for treatment of spasticity in my legs.  As of today, the following things should be noted in relation to that:

I haven't used my wheelchair since the day of coming home.
Today, I just spent nearly two hours cleaning my bedroom.  This included picking up the floor and vaccuming.  I accomplished both of these things with only moderate lower back pain that didn't require more than three rests of about two minutes, and minor foot pain, requiring the same. I haven't had the ability to vaccum in years due to extreme amounts of lower back and leg pain in years.

Also today, I stretched my achilles tendons by reaching the toes on both feet.  I haven't been able to reach the toes of my right foot without screaming, and assistance in almost 5 years.  And while I was stretching, I was able to flex just my quads enough to have it be noticeable to someone else. Again, isolated muscle group stretching has not been possible in years.

Apparently, hopefully, this is begining to work.

*tries not to get hopes too far up*

Between the improvements I gained in spasticity lessening from coming off Paxil and this, I seem to be finally winning the battle against losing mobility.  What a lovely change.

Speaking of that, if any of you are on Paxil, for depression or anxiety, CONSIDER GETTING OFF OF IT NOW AND ASKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE.  This drug aggrevates CP and other spastic disorder symptoms quite often according to my neuro.  It certainly did with me.  I got so bad they thought I had MS on top of the CP. </ranty public service announcement>

And now, it's after 4 am and I need to go to bed.  Keep your fingers crossed for this to keep working though, even if it's only in your head though, okay folks?
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Are you a Woman with a Disability involved with an Able-bodied man?

Or an Able-bodied man involved with a Woman with a Disability?

Is your Disability Visible to other People when you are out in Public?

If so and you live in surrounding Bay Area of Northern California and have been in a monogamous relationship for at least one year:

You are invited to participate in a Study conducted by a psychology student at California School for Professional Psychology which Explores Your Relationship.

If you are interested Contact through this LJ page.

I am a graduate Student at Alliant International University, where I am getting a doctorate in psychology. I am looking for WOMEN with a VISIBLE PHYSICAL DISABILITIES who are with MEN who are ABLE-BODIED. THE WOMAN HAS TO HAVE HAD A VISIBLE PHYSICAL DISABILITY WHEN SHE FIRST MET THE MAN.


**This study has this particular criteria because it is studying certain factors and is not meant to be discriminatory towards anyone that does not meet this criteria. If you are a person or couple that does not meet this criteria  but would like some referrals please contact me.*:



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I was looking for more communities to join when I saw this site Thank you for making a place to openly talk about our CP

I was born one of a twin in 1961 and was born with Cerebral Palsy that affects my left side only
In my 46 years I have run into many people making fun of me, but on the other hand so many people that DON'T make fun.
School was always hard especially when you have narrow minded kids that just make your life at the time miserable.
When I was 6 I went to a summer camp for the disabled, and when I turned 18 I went from camper to councelor and all the campers would see me and see that I was a councelor helped them adjust better
Now I design the lighting for our Community Theatre here, and run the light board for all the shows

Just a little about me, and again Thank you for this community.


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I'm doing a summer research project in association with my college, Occidental College. The main premise is I'm researching various physical disabilities and how they affect sexuality for people with disabilities. I'm researching medical information, but as you know. just researching medical information does not give us the whole picture. To supplement, I'd like to interview real people with disabilities to get a firsthand account.
A little background on me: I'm 24 years old and I have quadriplegic cerebral palsy. My major is Gender Studies and I have been interested and researching in the field of disability and sex for many years. I have discovered that there is not a lot of good sex-positive research and information available. So that's basically where I'm coming from.
I need all people, from all genders, sexual orientations, age groups, abilities, and levels of experience. This interview can be anonymous If you are interested, please reply by filling out the preliminary survey questions below.

1. How do you identify based on gender?
2. What disability do you have?
3. How old are you?
4. Describe your sexual orientation.
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Believe it or not, the two topics are related.

I get 'the shakes' in my legs. Sometimes, it gets painful. Other times, I end up with my legs and feet pointing every which way but the way they're supposed to. And this consistently hurts, the muscles spasm and cramp up, leading to a cascade of 'stuck' muscles from my toes up through my back and belly.


I currently smoke marijuana -- only when the cramps/spasms are at their worst -- and find it to be highly effective. Muscles relax, legs settle down, general tension goes away, and I feel... good. Wonderful, even. And the only side effect is the Raving Munchies, which - in my world - is never a bad thing.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with weed, or direct me to resources for obtaining medical marijuana in Washington State? [Funny stoner stories are always entertaining, as well. ^.^ ]

Bright Blessings

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hi guys just wondere how you all are. its been cvery hectic 6 months so havent been on much. have a very happy new year.
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Hi all --

My wife (who has CP) is applying to grad schools and we've been doing a road trip to check out some campuses. Her favorite programs, ironically, are in the least accessible buildings.

Is anyone using a strap, holster, etc. to hold crutches while climbing stairs? She'd prefer to adapt to the campus rather than pursue ADA action. I've imagined using something like a loop of Velcro hanging off her belt, but surely I'm not the first person to try to find a solution.

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